The On-Line Book Summary with Data and Figures

The project enabled the production of a comprehensive on-line english summary of the book entitled 'Anthropogenic Change in the Lake Imandra Ecosystem' (Moiseenko et al, 2002). Click the publication cover to the left to access the entire document. Or click on individual chapters below.

Moiseenko et al.
Anthropogenic Change in Lake Imandra Ecosystem

The Imandra Watershed Atlas

This Atlas was produced at the Kola Science Center. Click the link above to browse the entire Atlas.

The Project Conceptual Models

The Pilot Project organizes its activities and research around a set of conceptual models. These conceptual models also provide a hierarchical interface to selections of the Pilot Project statistical data.

The Imandra Watershed Photo Journal

This collection of photographs provides an on the ground visual reference for many of the issues and scientific activities covered by this project. Click the link above to view these images.