PHASE 1: Integrated Ecological Economic Modeling and Valuation of Watersheds.

PHASE 2: Whole watershed health and restoration: applying the Patuxent and Gwynns Falls landscape models to designing a sustainable balance between humans and the rest of nature.

Funding for this research has been provided by the U.S. EPA (in conjunction with the National Science Foundation)

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Robert Costanza - PI - strategic ideas, goals and objectives of PLM, ecosystem health and integration.
Alexey Voinov - hydrologic, nutrient and plant modules, spatial implementation of the model, spatial calibration, scenario runs, web-based watershed management.
Roelof Boumans - GEM unit model, modification and calibration of plant sectors, models of human and social development.
Helena Voinov - data acquisiton and processing, spatial data management, GIS support.
Thomas Maxwell - development of the SME software package, including the java-based interface and Simulation Module Markup Language
Ferdinando Villa - software development, procedures for non-spatial calibration, MPI.
Josh Farley - project management, workshops, stakeholder involvement.
Matthew Wilson - survey research methods, ecosystem service valuation and group decisionmaking.