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Landscape Simulation Modeling

A Spatially Explicit Dynamic Approach

Part 1: Theory and Methods

  1. Introduction: Spatially Explicit Landscape Simulation Models.
    Robert Costanza, Alexey Voinov
  2. Spatial Simulation using the SME.
    Thomas Maxwell, Alexey Voinov, Robert Costanza
  3. Modular Ecosystem Modeling.
    Alexey Voinov, Carl Fitz, Roelof Boumans, Robert Costanza
  4. Calibration of Large Spatial Models: a Multi-stage, Multi-objective Optimization Technique.
    Ferdinando Villa, Alexey Voinov, Carl Fitz and Robert Costanza

Part 2: Case Studies

  1. Habitat changes in the Mississippi Delta: future scenarios and alternatives.
    Enrique Reyes, Jay F. Martin, Mary L. White, John W. Day, and G. Paul Kemp
  2. Development and Application of the Everglades Landscape Model.
    H. Carl Fitz, Fred Sklar, and Y. Wu, Alexey Voinov, Thomas Maxwell, and Robert Costanza
  3. Spatial Modeling of Eelgrass Distribution in Great Bay, New Hampshire
    Pamela Behm, Roelof M.J. Boumans, Frederick T. Short
  4. The Patuxent Landscape Model (PLM)
    Alexey Voinov, Robert Costanza, Roelof Boumans, Helena Voinov, Thomas Maxwell
  5. The Fort Hood Avian Simulation Model- V: A Spatially Explicit Population Viability Model for Two Endangered Species.
    Ann-Marie Trame, USACERL, Steven J. Harper, Miami University, and James D. Westervelt, University of Illinois.
  6. Simulating Land Use Alternatives And Their Impacts On A Desert Tortoise Population In The Mojave Desert, California.
    Jocelyn L. Aycrigg, Steven J. Harper, and James D. Westervelt, Geographic Modeling System Laboratory, University of Illinois.
  7. A Dynamic Model of the Spatial Spread of an Infectious Disease: The Case of Fox Rabies in Illinois.
    Brian Deal, Cheryl Farello, Mary Lancaster, Thomas Kompare, Bruce Hannon
  8. Landscape Optimization: Applications of a Spatial Ecosystem Model.
    Ralf Seppelt, Alexey Voinov

Please note that most of the models, software and web pages presented here are work in progress and are subject to change. This CD is provided as an interactive attachment to the book to display color images, animations and software packages when web access is restricted or impossible. However we recommend that you revisit the respective web sites when possible to get the latest information about the projects involved.