Selected Talks and Presentations

  1. A generic talk on open source and community modeling
  2. Energy-Water Nexus
  3. OGC Technical Committee Talk: "Integrated Environmental and Earth Systems Modeling: a Community Approach", Boston, June 2009.
  4. ISEM 2009 Keynote Talk: "Integrated, Multidisciplinary, Community, Participatory and other Kinds of Modelling", Quebec, October 2009.
  5. Moscow School of Economics (Moscow State University): "Economics of Crisis: in Search of Alternatives", Moscow, November 2009.
  6. LandMod 2010 Keynote Talk: "Model Integration in Socio-Economic Modeling: Multidisciplinary, Community, Participatory, and Other Kinds of Modeling", Montpelier, February 2010.
  7. IEMSS 2010 keynote: "'Integronsters' and the special role of data", Ottawa, July 2010.
  8. OpenWater symposium keynote talk: "The State of the Art and Practice of Integrated Environmental Modeling", Delft, April 2011.
  9. SENSE Summer Academy 2013 Master Class: "Scales and Dimensions of Sustainability: A Systems Perspective", Utrecht, June 2013.
  10. Innovations in Collaborative Modeling conference keynote "Biases, beliefs and values in participatory modeling and citizen science", Lancing, June 2016.
  11. Keynote at FEIT 2017 Research Excellence Retreat "Sustainability science and systems modeling in the Anthropocene", Sydney, December, 2017.
  12. Chesapeake Bay Program presentation about participatory modeling, January, 2018.
  13. Keynote at International Symposium on the Circular Economy, Chemical Industry, and Tax Policy. April 2-3, 2018, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan.
  14. Keynote at Internet of Things Conference. Sept 10, 2018, UTS, Sydney.