Selected Talks and Presentations

  1. A generic talk on open source and community modeling
  2. Energy-Water Nexus
  3. OGC Technical Committee Talk: "Integrated Environmental and Earth Systems Modeling: a Community Approach", Boston, June 2009.
  4. ISEM 2009 Keynote Talk: "Integrated, Multidisciplinary, Community, Participatory and other Kinds of Modelling", Quebec, October 2009.
  5. Moscow School of Economics (Moscow State University): "Economics of Crisis: in Search of Alternatives", Moscow, November 2009.
  6. LandMod 2010 Keynote Talk: "Model Integration in Socio-Economic Modeling: Multidisciplinary, Community, Participatory, and Other Kinds of Modeling", Montpelier, February 2010.
  7. IEMSS 2010 keynote: "'Integronsters' and the special role of data", Ottawa, July 2010.
  8. OpenWater symposium keynote talk: "The State of the Art and Practice of Integrated Environmental Modeling", Delft, April 2011.
  9. SENSE Summer Academy 2013 Master Class: "Scales and Dimensions of Sustainability: A Systems Perspective", Utrecht, June 2013.
  10. Innovations in Collaborative Modeling conference keynote "Biases, beliefs and values in participatory modeling and citizen science", Lancing, June 2016.